Amazing places you can never go to see

The earth we live on is huge. All the wonderful places there are too big for one person to see in a lifetime.And some of these places are full of obstacles that we can never reach.Some barriers fall naturally and some barriers are man-made.These 5 places we bring today are full of tourist attractions. But it is very dangerous to go and see these.

Amazing places you can never go to see

01. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, Virginia

This is a covert emergency operations center in the United States.

There is only one part of the surface here. This section is administered by a separate emergency department.

 The underground part of the center has its own administrative system.

 What happens there is not open to anyone.

Outsiders are strictly forbidden to enter here.

02. Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

A 120-meter-deep tunnel has been built on a hillside in the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen and maintains a constant temperature of -18 of.

 Humidity is kept to a minimum and the microclimate in the tunnel is controlled by an automated system.

This is where mankind's last chance to revive the natural world in the event of an unexpected catastrophe.

 The seed containers here protect the agricultural heritage of all the countries of the world and no one can enter this place as it may even harm human existence.

03. Whale Doe Jawari Reserve, Brazil

Many wild tribes live in the Amazon rainforest.

 I have seen several such unconnected settlements on the air.

There are about 14 tribes in the Vale Do Jawari Reserve who have no knowledge or experience of the outside world and their way of life revolves around agriculture.

 Researchers have found eight more villages, and the combined population of the aborigines is estimated to be as high as 2,000.

To protect their safety and their way of life, the authorities have banned them from entering the 77,000 square kilometers of Amazon rainforest.

04. Club 33, New Orleans

In 1967, Walt Disney started a club that brought together investors, celebrities, and politicians under one roof. You will never be invited to visit Club 33.

No one can find any clue beyond its mysterious door. You can come to the club if you wait 14 years and pay $ 10,450 (for individuals) or $ 27,500 (for companies).

In addition, individual and corporate members of the club are required to pay $ 3,275 or $ 6,100 each year to retain their membership, respectively.

05. Magnetic Island of S. Wedre

The rocky island of S. Vedre is one of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain and is said to have the third strongest geomagnetic force on Earth (the first and second are the Bermuda Triangle and the North Pole).

Although the island has no metal deposits, it is composed entirely of volcanic rock. At this point, the technology falters and your compass cannot be oriented in the right direction. - The arrow moves in different directions in a chaotic manner.

Mysterious S. Vedre, mentioned many times in legends and painful stories. The Spanish government has declared the island a nature reserve and banned anyone from entering the island.

Some say that the local Spaniards occasionally organize illegal excursions to the island. All you can do legally here is observe the island's coastline from the water.

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