MOST expensive foods in this year 2021 | Most Expensive foods in the world

MOST expensive foods in this year 2021 | Most Expensive foods in the world 

How are you guys ? We all like to eat one kind of food in everyday life . We all like to go to a new store with our family and eat kottu or a different type of rice . So in today's article we are going to talk about some of the weirdest foods that we can not easily eat . So today we will behave article from our food, this is normal and can not think of a person as if rewarding month . Because to enjoy such a unique meal here we have to pay twice as much as our salary .But you have to keep in mind that no matter how expensive these foods are, there are people who are rich enough to buy them and millions of people who sell these foods benefit from them .

MOST expensive foods in this year 2021 | Most Expensive foods in the world

 No. 1) Ayam Semani ( Black Chicken)

 Ayam Semani that this is a black nation, we eat chicken and Indonesia can be āś rita only from the countries . Because we can't buy this kind of meat from other countries . We can buy it, but we can only get it by spending more than five hundred dollars . But if you buy this ayam cemani chicken from Indonesia for $ 200 or about 40,000 Sri Lankan rupees you will be able to enjoy this type of chicken . Portfolio Now you why this is a .An chicken species that are not in other countries, yeah ayam they quickly caught bird flu deaths in the country with a climate that is if another country semānilā.That is why it is not possible to easily buy ayam cemani chicken like this here from abroad .Austria Railing exceeds four thousand dollars, and the United States are sold in countries like Indonesia take for Canada .

 No. 2 ) Matsuke mushrooms

Sukē level that is native to Japan gaining a national regime for professionals mushrooms .Instead āś Asia rita maṭsukē other countries, this is the nation that mushrooms can see for receiving .Is keen to feature some Portfolio terrain from here on we can have a mind of this nation mushrooms .The list of the early extinction of this is that the National Science maṭsukē mushrooms not lengthen during the next few years have been posted on the yāgnayan .Typical satisfied maṭsukē kg mushrooms rǣm a market of $ 600 is sold to the aṭasīyat .Sri Lanka says the money is to spend more than a hundred thousand rupees can buy it here in this nation mushrooms get .

 Number three ) Swallows

Swallows are one of the healthiest foods that the Chinese love to eat .The food products are made in China Sample radāyika Chef of method āś bender .Ś a bird swallows the bird cages are taken, rumors that this is the type of food going .Portfolio Chinese jātikayange an opinion that rōṭīn and vitamin-rich food the content of this increasing matakaśaktiya through abyss.The nation .These lizards build their nests on the most dangerous mountain slopes .Therefore, those who remove and sell these lanterns risk their lives to remove these lanterns .Here are the most hazardous for riyāpaṭipāṭiya svælōvs simply because this is a cup of soup to sell them three thousand dollars .In Sri Lankan currency, three thousand dollars is close to 500,000 .

No. 4) kopi luwak coffee

Would you like to spend around Rs. 200,000 for your cup of coffee every morning ?Portfolio Lanka Here are not only the thrill of taste elite rabhū luwak coffee , Philippines, Indonesia, and South India are growing .Known as the highest quality coffee in the world, Luwak coffee sells for more than twice as much in other countries .Not only by drinking the body copy of our nation Portfolio will achieve rāṇavat .That's why a lot of people used to stay the night to drink a glass of coffee reload time in their work .

 No. 5 ) Saffron

 Safron have given is that women can increase the body's color saffron is an excellent raw material employed .Year of the summer, we also can get a yield, this is safrōn kg and rǣm million flowers to produce a desired three of us .This fact, solely webpages from the sæf Ron Price grated at times increasing .India in normal countries like China, Japan or the amount of sales safrōn Abeywrdena oo in the Americas and Europe āś will take sales prices increased in most countries rita .Typical of safron kilo price of $ 400 to 1000 are sold between .That is, if we take the Sri Lankan currency as a medium and calculate it as eight hundred dollars.One hundred forty eight thousand three hundred and thirty cents Lankan rupees 68 around .You're going crazy, aren't you?

 No.6 ) White Pearl Caviar Albino 

So guys, compared to the foods we see in everyday life, white piral albino caviar is a very strange kind of food .Albino sturgeon, the largest sea creature that lives in the Caspian Sea, is the source of this delicacy .Typical satisfied Albinus Sturgeon eggs is very rarely wear . Due to this fact, this dish is in great demand in the marketPortfolio rōṭīn large can get from this is the type of food trying to get more fitness is very special artists vīti matter .By eating this food, the cartilage and bones of the human body grow very fast .The caviar kg and rǣm a normal are satisfied with the market to $ 8500 between 9100 and amount to .Typical enough for a person who earns a few years and

 So you guys can see at a glance that these foods are not going to be easy for us to eat .So what are your favorite foods we brought you today ? Don't forget to comment below .

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