Have you heard these things about Shah Rukh Khan

Have you heard these things about Shah Rukh Khan

 How are you? If you are a fan of watching movies, there is no way you may not know about our Shah Rukh Khan.So today's video will be very important for Shah Rukh's audience.By the end of the video today you will be able to know a lot of information you have never heard about this Shah Rukh Khan.The dream prince of Bollywood or the lover of Bollywood.Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, as he is known, became very famous these days.

Have you heard these things about Shah Rukh Khan

King Khan was born on November 2, 1965 in Delhi.That means Shah Rukh Khan is 55 years old now.Even though he still plays the role of a boy in Hindi movies, now our Shah Rukh is a little old.By now Shah Rukh has three children.Although we in Sri Lanka do not know much about these children, Shah Rukh's children are very famous among the people of India.You may not believe Shah Rukh Khan even if he is worshiped in some parts of India.

He is married to Mrs. Gowri Khan.gauri khan is a producer who has produced some of the most famous films in India by now.Among those films are my name is khan, happy new year, zero, Om Shanthi Om and Dilwale made in the year 1515.So if you watch these films you will know the production quality of these films.By now Shah Rukh has three children.They are Suhana Khan, Abram Khan and the much talked about Aryan Khan recently.Thats means two sons and a daughter.

Have you heard these things about Shah Rukh Khan

sharukhan is a character who has made a brand name in India.But you have mostly heard that Shah Rukh Khan is famous only in Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.No, but believe me, Shah Rukh has a fan base in the West as well as in Asian countries.That's not the most amazing thing.Have you ever heard that this Indian actor is the most famous actor in the whole world?Yes, Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most admired actors in the world.His fan base is estimated at 3.2 billion.Meanwhile, in addition to Asian countries like Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan, many western countries such as France, England and Germany are joining.The next thing is that Shah Rukh Khan is said to be the richest actor in India.His net worth is between 700 and 800 million.The special thing is that Shah Rukh Khan is an actor who does not belong to any art family.For example, the Bachchan family and the Kapoor family are what India calls the Rangana family.But Shah Rukh Khan 's parents are not members of any such art family.And Shah Rukh Khan is a middle class man.He came to the city and applied to act in films in a very bitter manner.

Have you heard these things about Shah Rukh Khan

you can see some of these things in Shah Rukh Khan's fan movie.Believe it or not, some young people in India like Shah Rukh Khan did not get a ticket for a third class train That he would take the same food from the shops where he ate and come to places to select film actors.It is said that India is a country that has gone crazy with the stars who follow what so many actors and actresses have said and done.

Third thing we are going to talk about is that Shah Rukh Khan is a talented playerHe had even stated in the Indian public media that if he was not an actor he would definitely have become a cricketer or a hockey player.Because in school sharuk Shahrukh is a talented player.You would not believe that he is a player who has made a name for himself by playing on the school cricket team and hockey team.

Usually people have a lucky number of their own.So our Mr. Shah Rukh also has a lucky number like 555.Usually when he buys a car, plays a game or does something good, he definitely chooses something related to 5.So when a journalist asked Shahrukh Shah Rukh Khan about thisHe replied that I had been using five hundred and fifty-five for my good since I was a child.So if you go and browse the internet you can find out a lot of interesting information about this lucky number yourself.So, for this reason, Shah Rukh's fans also have his 555 here.Chosen as a good number.

Have you heard these things about Shah Rukh Khan

 They do their daily good deeds. He is also a devout MuslimSo we all like different things.Take a look at some of the weird things that Mr. Shah Rukh likes like us.In fact, Shah Rukh Khan can be described as an actor who plays computer games like crazy.He also enjoys playing cricket when he has time.Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly.His favorite color is wild, black and blue.Apart from India, the countries he likes to travel to are Dubai and London.Mr. Shah Rukh loves to dine with Pepsi and coffee. He is a smoker and a heavy drinker.He also says that his favorite dishes are tandoori chicken and Chinese food.

Not only that, Shah Rukh Khan is not forgotten by the new luxury car collectors entering the market.The strangest thing is that Mr. Khan likes to disassemble a lot of vehicles and install them in other vehicles.

A Bugatti Veyron

Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead

Range Rover Sport

He also owns a BMW i8.

I8 is being bought at a cost of 20 million Indian rupees.

His son prefers the BMW i8.

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