The real life of the actors in the deweni inima drama

How are you all my friends?In a previous article we talked about Nayanathara and Ravin Kanishka who played the role of the Goddess.So we decided to bring you a new article as the response to that article was very good.So there is nothing to say about this second inning drama that we all love watching boys and girls in our country go crazy.Today in this article we are talking about Keshan who plays the role of Avantha in the second inning drama,About Himali playing the role of Udeni,About Dharmapriya Dias who plays the role of Ananda.

OK so let's get together with our article today.So in the second inning we will first talk about the actress who plays the role of Anuhas' mother or, as we say Chubby and Mikui, the actress who plays the role of Udeni's mother.Udeni's mother's real name is Himali Sayurangi. She will be born on July 18 as the second child in her family. Udeni has two other brothers. From college. She has been acting continuously since 2003. She is married to Mr. Asanga Jayalath. By now she has a child.The special thing is that Udeni Amma is an actress as well as a good presenter. That means she has worked as a presenter in several radios since before she came to the stage.So we got the news that we met her husband during a radio program. So Mr. Asanga Jayarath is currently working as the owner of an advertisement agency.So, she has won several awards at various festivals for her performances in TV dramas, including the Sumathi Awards, Sarasavi Awards, Raigam Tele Awards and the Sim Nilsson Awards.But I think a lot of people love this second inning second inning teledrama for the character of Udeni Amma.

dharmapriya dias
dharmapriya dias

So in this video we are going to talk next about Udeni's brother Ananda or Dharmapriya Dias who will be playing the role of Anuhas in the second inning teledrama.If you are a fan of stage dramas, there is no way you would not know about Mr. Dharmapriya Dias. So many people had a question as to whether Mr. Ananda was going to leave the play as well.So Mr. Dharmapriya Dias can sometimes be described as an actor, sometimes a stage actor, sometimes a film actor, a professional voice actor, a teacher and a master of background design. His birthplace is Piliyandala.He is currently working as a teacher at John Kotelawala College.So this Dharmapriya Dias can be called one of the most experienced actors in the second inning drama. Because by now he has contributed to many films and dramas through acting.

So you know that this play is written by Mr. Saman Edirimuni. So at the beginning of this story our Mr. Bimal Jayakody brought to life the character of Avantha's father.Later Bimal Jayakody decided to leave the story. So if an actor leaves the play it means that another actor should be added to the cast.Or the character of this actor in this play should be removed.So Saman Edirimuni is being cast as Ravi fernando in this play.That is why we could not see the character of Ravi Fernando after the funeral.No. We talked about Mr. Bimal because we talked about another veteran actor, Dharma Dharmapriya Dias, because even though he left in the middle of the second inning, he is an actor who should be remembered.

So in this video we are going to talk about Keshan Shashindra who plays the role of Avantha Fernando who is known as the dream prince of girlsMany people think that Keshan is a professional actor. But believe me Keshan is better at singing than acting.Because he is a dreamstar dream star.So let’s talk about that in full in another article.So you know that not everyone in Sri Lanka watches the second innings.There are those who do not watch.So the older generation in Sri Lanka is watching the second inning teledrama around the non-me program.That's why I'm not impressed with keshan shashindra from the show.Because he is a talented singerSo you have a question now what is Keshan's career. Actually keshan shashindra is a professional actor as well as a singer.He is also good at singing at concerts.If you go to YouTube and search, you can even see Keshan's music video.But Keshan is not the most active person on social media.

As a result, we will not be able to see his Facebook photos like other Sri Lankan actors and actresses.If you go to YouTube and search, you can see his nine year old youtube channel called keshan shashindra.So, if you are a fan of the second teledrama, do not forget to leave a comment below. Feel free to comment below on the video you want to bring for you in the future.

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