Most Expensive Ayam Semani Black Chicken

Ayam Semani Black Chicken

Ayam Semani is a black chicken that we can only eat in Indonesia and its allies.Because we can't buy this kind of meat from other countries.We can buy it, but we can only get it by spending more than five hundred dollars.But if you buy this ayam cemani chicken here from Indonesia.$ 200 or nearly forty thousand rupees in Sri Lankan currency.You get to enjoy this kind of chicken.

Now you have a question as to why this breed of chicken is not bred in other countries.Yes.In fact if ayam semanila is raised in another country With the climate of that country, they catch bird flu and die quickly.That is why it is not possible to easily buy ayam cemani chicken like this here from abroad.It is bought from Indonesia in countries like Australia, USA and Canada and sold for between four and five thousand dollars.

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