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How are you all my friends ?Tell the second innings Portfolio TV Derana tele girls love a lot of guys who racāraya can be called that s.So I hope you guys play the second Test at SB contribution to the cast of the play would have been to know that proper information niliyange .So we hope to make this a video serious one .in article we have brought for you the Goddess who contributed to the second innings from the beginning . If a so called talking nayanatārā wicramāaracci about

nayanathara wicramaarachchi (Dewmi )real life

Nayanatārā said a lot of people traveling from Portfolio .An His age is really about how much you have .So this video we Nayana Tara Vic ramāraccige start vayasinma .Nayanathara was born on January 22, 1998 in Colombo .That means the goddess is twenty three years old by now .So a lot of people considered the second innings of the first looked nayanatārā drama of devanainima says .But believe me, Nayanathara did not play first in the second innings .His first play by the other swan feathers broadcast channel savrvāhini do .Maybe you swan feathers drama of watching the character, but suddenly could not recognize the darkness .is what a few years ago, the drama was broadcast in saranavahiniyen .So by now we are unknowingly about four years old for the second inning .So you play a mind can see you play a setter look done in the name serc .

nayanathara wicramaarachchi (Dewmi )real life

So little time is more performance from actress Nayana Tara Field column enter .But a lot of people thought she was acting at once, Field column dropped away pātvecca essentially one .So I told you that the swan feathers play yayayē play devanainima casting drama yayē grade that .But what you don't know is what I'm going to say now . Nayanatārā is good theater and actress . But a lot of people don't know that much .A lot of people out and Portfolio stage happened rasidda of carrying weapons is that I am coming to stage drama is .So it's not only new drama these days Nayana Tara giving acting a few of them, we can look at in the future will be . The bottom Poya Nazi activities and some gathering .

You know that Sri Lanka is not watching the second innings for everyone . Each group watches one channel at a time . So have the particular matter is invited to other channels and their timely nāyanatāraṭa ṭelināṭ the drama sent to play .

So you were talking about the play she ran̆gapāpu the few I'll talk with you .This play has the freedom of time on the Internet search try .

The drama of that


Eran Landu

Now you Portfolio .An nayanatārā Portfolio of Major as how to earn money . That is what the advertising , television and , Abeywrdena rand and sponsarśips Deals.So I talked about sponsorship in the previous article . sponsership would simply call any Abeywrdena rand Abeywrdena their one rand to promote your social Portfolio one used by actresses actress actors rasiddha .For example, if Portfolio Ravin Kanishka oppo  together with the company's advertising Portfolio racāraya will .So Vic nayanatārā ramaāracci who are the second inning, and other plays the Portfolio through rasiddha happened actress award.That's why Lux is choosing the sleeping duck for sponsorship .So advertising Portfolio racāraṇaya by nayanatārāṭa have the ability to generate cash .So know what you live every week day except saturday, sunday deyakne devanainima plays the broadcast that will .Because of that the second inning actors are also very busy .That way, they can provide very limited roles will play little tasks .A lot of sleeping ducks can be described as someone who cares about their own body .Because of that she maintains her body beautifully . So the goddess does not forget to spend a little time in the day for exercises .In real life, most of the values that unassuming beautiful actress Nayana Tara Vic made his life shaped ramāracci and can be identified .

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