The most dangerous female underworld gang leaders in the world

How are you all my friends?I think today's article will be a lot more interesting than it used to be.That is because today we have brought for you the female leaders of the world famous underworld gangs.You have heard about the underworld gang leaders but you have not heard about the female leaders of the underworld gangs.Usually in everyday life we ​​hear about world famous underworld gang leaders.Believe it though Underworld gang female leaders have done more amazing things than world famous underworld gang leaders and have been imprisoned for years..

The most dangerous female underworld gang leaders in the world

6)Sandra Beltron

It is correct to say that Mexico is the main place for drug distribution in the world. Here is the Sandra Beltron  in Mexico.

The best thing is that this si was arrested in 2007 but there is no clear evidence that she has done anything wrong.

So one of the characteristics of those underworld people is that they work where no evidence can be found.

Surprisingly, this sister also chooses a security guard as her partner.

There have been marriages not once but twice.

 Both are selected by two uncles of high ranking police officers.

Then they can run their drug business without any problems.

No. 5 Maria Lisiadi

We talked earlier about a former sister in Mexico.

This sister who killed the former leaders of Italy's underworld gangs is dependent solely on drug trafficking and drug trafficking. She has been caught by the police several times and has escaped from these places in a subtle manner.

This Maria Lisiadi sister can be identified as the Founder or the person who discovered the Lisiadi underworld gang which was the most horrible gang after the Tobrok gang.

Not only that, this sister had clashed with some of the worst underworld gangs in Italy at that time.

However, it is said that their network was later caught by the police due to the alienation of the former members of the group. Finally, this Lisiadi sister who was the leader of the Lisiadi group has also been caught by the police

No .4 Griezelda Blanco


In this Article we are going to talk about the former Colombian gang member Griezelda Blanco

People know her better than Griselda by the special name of godmother of cocaine or the black window. This sister, who worked in the seventies and eighties, sold cocaine around the United States and became a millionaire.

You know that underworld leaders change from time to time. So this sister comes to the fore after the death of one of Colombia's worst underworld gang leaders. By then, it was reported that more than 200 murders had taken place in her notorious gangs.

So somehow this Griselda Blanco was caught by the California police in 1985. You may have heard a story that those who took up arms would die at gunpoint when they were released from prison years later. Here this blanco sister is killed by two other underworld gang members. It was 2012.

No.3 Kim Kardashian

In this articlewe are going to talk about number three as Kim Kardashian, the sister who has a very beautiful and sexy look.

So we talked earlier about ex-maids in Mexico. This sister was also born in Mexico in 1987. So because of her beauty, she spends a lot of time on social networking sites like facebook, insragram and Reddit. I did not believe that my sister was a thug who carried out anti-social activities. So if you go to these social media sites, you can decide for yourself whether we are telling the truth or a lie.

Believe it or not, this sister is involved in the mysterious murders, drug trafficking and child abuse in Mexico. So this sister will be the leader after the former underworld gang leader is caught.

So a lot of men started falling in love with this sister because of her beauty. So everyone knows that when you become an underworld gang leader you will inevitably become addicted to drugs.

Anyway, in the year 2019, the leader of this beautiful underworld gang will die.

No.2  Maria Leone

So we talked earlier about an older sister who ruled Mexico. Here she also rules in Los Angeles, USA. She is said to be the worst former underworld gang member in Los Angeles.

But believe me, this is a woman named Maria Leone, a mother of thirteen children. Due to the betrayals of the members of the underworld gang, this gang was caught by the police.

Not only that, she was denied US citizenship because of the serious allegations against her .So we could not find any more details about this sister.

No.1 Rafella de Alterio

So in this article we are going to talk about Rafella de Alterio, a violent woman who became a millionaire after successfully running her own racket in Italy.

Somehow this sister comes to the forefront of the underworld by killing her husband. After the murder charge came to her, she subtly fled the area and joined several underworld gangs. As a result, those leaders are killed. After they are killed, this sister gets the leadership of this group.

People in Italy say that this sister's gang has a very large number of members. Raffaella is a woman who made her name from the murders alone. So because of these murders she has become famous as a godmother among the former underworld gangs in Italy.

As a result of these extortions and murders, she later became a millionaire.

So, according to the facts that have been revealed, why has the group carried out more than 4,000 murders so far. Later, as he did so, the other members of the group were gradually taken into police custody.

So, it's going crazy. So, finally, I want to remind you that those who took up arms, as the people said before, will die with their weapons. Does it matter. So one day you will have to suffer no matter how much you do these things. That is the nature of the world. So do not forget to comment below what you think about these sisters and brothers.

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