Top 8 People living in a world of superpowers

Top 8 People living in a world of superpowers
Top 8 People living in a world of superpowers

So how are you guys?Usually we can see super talented people in a movie or a story bookFor example, the world famous Marvel character Superman,spiderman,bat manWe can introduce such super people.

Not only that, you have heard about the strange people who did great work in Sri Lanka.So in today's video we have brought for you not about the Marvel actors who act in cartoons and movies like superman, bat man.In this video we have brought for you the super talented people in the world.

Many of the people on this list were even lucky enough to be included in the Guinness Book of Records for their amazing abilities.

Number 1 = Indian man with the strongest teeth in the world

So, if we talk about the country that is adjacent to our country, we cannot but talk about the evil people in this country.In this video we are going to first talk about the Indian man Radha Krishna Velu who has the strongest teeth in the world.So here this man with strong teeth has the ability to pull anything with his strong teeth.This amazing ability enables him to set a world record at some point.According to the report, the Indian had dragged a train weighing 260 tons 4.2 meters from his teeth.this man who lived a very poor life in India becomes a world famous hero with a world record.So this strong man is known by the nickname of the people of India as Iron Tooth.

Number 2 =  walking on water

Walking on water is one of the most difficult tasks a human being can perform in real life.So if you've heard of the Shaolin monks, you probably do not know about the wonderful things they can do.So here is a monk named Lee Liong walking on this water and a Shaolin monk.This Lion monk has even set a world record by walking on water.Inspired by kung fu martial arts and super mental ability, he has the ability to travel up to a distance of 118 meters in 50 seconds. With this record, this kung fu martial artist is going to become world famous.Answering a question posed to him at one point, he said that this miraculous process could be performed by any human being with a concentrated mind and body control.But if you watch this video, do not think of just walking in the water, because in real life this event can be described as an extraordinary process that can not be done by a normal human being.

No. 3 = World Famous Magnet Man

So here we can introduce the super hero world spider-man as a character like this.So if you've been a fan of Spider-Man, you know he's able to inject some substance into his body.So believe me, Liv Tho Lin is a magnet man who has the magnetic force to pull something in real life.So we have seen a lot of magnetic people in the past and present, but here's the famous man with the most magnetic powers. Here's the man named Lynn. According to a research done by a group of students at a university, it has been revealed that this man's body has a very high frictional force when compared to other people.

No. 4 = The wonderful man who never sleeps

So if I ask you a question, how many days can you stay awake without going to sleep? What do you answer? A lot of people say. I can one day. It's possible in two days .It's possible in a maximum of three days .But believe me, the Vietnamese man we've talking to today has not had any sleep for thirty - four years in a row. Born in Vietnam in 1942, the man has had insomnia since he was a child. As a result, he has been able to stay awake for several years. Although he did not sleep, he never had any mental or physical problems.So if you also have insomnia. Forget it all and try to get some sleep somehowOr you may have to stay awake for years.

No. 5 = Painter with a wonderful memory.

So you usually don't even remember what you ate for breakfast, I have nothing strange to say about memory.We in Sri Lanka have such a strong memory.Stephen Wilshire, who had autism as a child, is a talented artist who has been a child since he was a child. Has also provided professional success.So there are plenty of talented artists in Sri Lanka who have such creative artistic talents.

No. 6 = Batman

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.No. Believe that in the real world there lives a little kid with the ability of batsHe's got this ability because of a special type of cancer he had as a child. Has been subjected to .That's not the special thing. You have heard that bats do not see eyesBut because of the wave energy, anything ahead can be quickly identified.Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Ben aint for me either.The unfortunate thing is that he got this ability due to a strong cancerous condition.

No. 7 = eater

So you have friends who can quickly eat anything you give them.But the man we are talking about in this video today is not someone who just stops eating rice like this.So this man simply can't see anything. He eats everything.Rubber Plastic Iron He has the ability to eat all of this.It is a special thing that his ability was first known by his family.Because this ability is recognized only after eating the TV that people at home can watch.So, according to sources, the biggest thing Michael Lotto has ever eaten is a passenger plane. It took him about two years to eat it.So don't try to watch TV at home because you told this story.

No. 8 = The man who does not feel cold

So we have a chance to see a cold-blooded princess in the famous Frozen animation movie. According to him, this process can be done by training and directing the mind. The amazing thing is that he is currently training some people in this ability through exercises. But the one that has this power in the world This is not my husband. Like we talked about in the first video. Some shavolin monks have the ability to survive by controlling the cold and temperature like this.

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